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Equity Research Service, publisher of the award-winning Investor Advisory Service (since 1973) and the market-beating SmallCap Informer (since 2012), is pleased to launch a new paid subscription newsletter focusing exclusively on dividend-paying stocks. Available only on Substack, Dividend Informer delivers regular research and analysis on securities which provide a combination of income and long-term appreciation.

Dividend Informer is paid subscription newsletter focusing exclusively on dividend-paying stocks.

Each month, our professional stock analysts publish at least one detailed, high-quality, income-oriented stock idea for subscribers. These in-depth research reports will be exclusive to the Dividend Informer newsletter.

With Dividend Informer you will discover actionable opportunities for your portfolio, through investing in growing companies with a track record of offering regular, increasing capital return in addition to potential for share price growth. Our focus is on reasonably valued companies with solid balance sheets and significant free cash flow generation, allowing for the payment of consistent, growing dividends. A heavy emphasis is placed on dividend yield, of course, but the newsletter also highlights companies returning significant capital to shareholders via share repurchases and debt reduction.

Each month, our expert analysts will also provide their take on current market conditions based on their decades of expertise.

Independent Research and Analysis

We accept no compensation from the securities we recommend and do not engage in nor solicit any banking business from corporations. This policy allows us to remain unbiased in our research and analysis. Our buy-side research is produced independently and aims to provide subscribers with the best possible ideas to help them make better investing decisions for their portfolios.

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Analysis and commentary on investments which can provide both income and long-term growth for any investor, from the award-winning Equity Research Service.


Analysis and commentary on investments which can provide both income and long-term growth for any investor. Publishers of the Dividend Informer, Investor Advisory Service, and SmallCap Informer newsletters.